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Week 12 - NEW Rapala R12 Lithium Fillet Knife

Week 11 - How To Get In and Out of a Kayak Smoothly

Week 10 - How to Dial in Your Baitfeeder Reel

Week 9 - Northland Fishing Slow Death Rigging 

Week 8 - Best Knots for Braided Line

Week 7 - How to Rearm and Repackage an Onyx Life Jacket

Week 6 - The Rhino Floating Picnic Table

Week 5 - How to Effectively Use a Bottom Bouncer for Walleye

Week 4 - How to Find Smallmouth Using Side Imaging

Week 3 - Berkley - Easy Fish Cleaning with the Berkley Electric Fillet Knife

Week 2 - 13 Fishing - Picking the Right Walleye Rod

Week 1 - Northland Tackle - How To Double Hook a Shiner Minnow