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Leech Lake Fishing Report for Leech Lake 06-17-20 - Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters

Things are looking up for a great last couple of weekends in June. Warm weather is in store for the Leech Lake area and should give all of us a great opportunity to get out and enjoy some summer activities. Whether your fishing or tubing, skiing, or cruising it should be a beautiful week of weather around the Walker area.

The walleye bite has also remained pretty solid on Leech Lake. The main lake rock is still producing fish. Most fish have moved out a bit to the secondary breaks in 12-18 feet of water. Pulling a spinner rig with a bottom bouncer or a slow death rig seems to be the ticket right now. A Lindy rig and a leech is a good presentation as well. Sucker Bay is still producing fish, West Goose Flats, Second and Third Duck points all have had fish roaming the flats. Stay on the move and cover water with the fish roaming looking for baitfish. 

Walker Bay has now finally started to turn on. Concentrate on shoreline breaks like Cedar Point, Templer Point and Breezy point right now pulling a Lindy Rig and a leech or a Lindy and a bigger minnow like a Redtail or Creek Chub. Also, some of these fish are starting to transition out to the mid-bay humps in 20-30 feet of water.

The bass bite has been heating up with the water temps warming. Whether you’re looking for largemouth or smallmouth Leech Lake is the place to be right now. The main lake smallmouth bite has been very good on the rock around Diamond Point, Pipe Island, Pelican Island, and all of the south shore. Vegetation is also in full swing in Boy Bay and Steamboat Bay with the weeds and rice getting thicker and heavier. Target that deep cover when looking for those big Largemouth’s.

Muskie action has also started to pick up. With warm weather this week the lake has warmed substantially. Muskies are starting to get on the move and become a little more active. Fish are being caught right now on the main lake rock reef and also anywhere you can find good green fresh cabbage weeds. With the water temps warming up it has started to push a lot of bait into the weeds so the muskies are in there on the chase for baitfish.

We hope everyone is out taking advantage of the nice weather we have had. Make sure you stop in at Reeds in Walker or Trappers Landing on the south shore for all of your bait, tackle or accessories needs. The experts can always mark a map and get you heading in the right direction. Have a great week in the Walker area.

Leech Lake Fishing Report for Leech Lake 06-26-20 - Trapper's Landing Lodge

Trapper's Landing Lodge Leech Lake Fishing Report June 26, 2020

The bug hatch is in full force around the lake but that has not caused the fishing to slow down like it has in previous seasons. The main basin is seeing a good influx of keeper sized fish being caught in 14-22 ft of water, with some of the bigger fish being pulled from deeper water during the day time. Make sure you pack a couple different rods and equipment with you when heading out, on calm days a Northland Bottom Bouncer with a spinner rig and nightcrawler combo are working well being trolled 1-1.5 mph. Your spinner blade colors should be perch, hammered gold and orange work well along with the new Northland Butterfly Blades. If the wind picks up a Lindy rig or Slip Bobber with a leech seem to be picking up more fish in those same depth ranges. We have also had some good reports of fish after dark trolling shad raps in 6-10 ft of water as well.

Musky action is picking up across the lake as the water temps move into the high 60’s low 70’s. Fishing the sand beaches up near Bear Island, Ottertail Point, Pelican Island and Diamond Point are all producing fish. Smaller slower presentations seem to be getting a better reaction from a trophy. As we get through the bug hatch and further into the summer fishing action should continue to pick up.

If the walleye or musky are a little slow during the day, head out smallmouth fishing. The smallmouth are showing up around Pipe Island, Diamond point, and Rogers point in 6=8 ft of water. Using your favorite swim bait, or jerk bait will put some fish topside. If you have kids with a slip bobber rigged with a leech are good options to get the kids hooked into a trophy bronze back.

Across the lake we are hearing and seeing good catches despite the large mayfly hatch going on. There are no signs currently of the bite slowing down and we are seeing lots of keeper sized fish. If you are needing lodging, we still have some smaller midweek stays available please call our Front desk for availability 218-836-2500. The Merit restaurant at Trapper’s is open for lunch and dinner Thursday thru Sunday.

As always be safe on all your outdoor adventures and we hope to see you on the lake!


Mille Lacs Fishing Report for 06-17-20 - Reeds Mille Lacs Outpost

The walleye bite has been tremendous as usual. The sunset leech bite on a jig or a plain chartreuse hook has been awesome. Using lindy rigs along the weed edges is also putting a lot of fish in the boat. The crankbait bite on the edge of the mud is picking up as well. Honestly, all you need to do is be on the water to catch one of these guys!

Right now, smallies are either on the beds or post-spawn moving out into the deeper water. If you find any sort of structure big rocks or boulders, you are doing well. The zman NED rig is still the #1 bait to have with you. If you see these fish on beds a simply black hair jig will produce as well. In the next week, I think the topwater bite and crankbait bite will begin. The toughest thing on fishing both species is to play the wind in your favor.

We are currently hearing a few reports of some pike being caught up in the weeds throwing small spinnerbaits or even small musky sized topwaters.

A few musky reports coming in as well, fish these guys in weeds 15 feet or less. If your passing through either location and are into these toothy guys make sure you stop in and check out our REEDS custom colors in tons of new baits. From Lake X, Supernatural, Spanky, Bite Back Bait Co, B&N Customs, and Musky Mayhem we have you covered.

The biggest thing right now is to not let the wind intimidate you. Fish are biting on all sides of the lake so don't think because of the wind fishing will not be good!