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Leech Lake Fishing Report for Leech Lake 10-08-20 - Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters

Fall is here, leaves are changing, temps are dropping and fish are biting. It’s a great time to be around the Leech Lake area with plenty of activities to do on the water or in the woods. Fall colors are in full peak and the weather has been nothing less than beautiful. We hope everyone has the opportunity to step away from today's crazy world and enjoy some of the area’s wonderful outdoor activities. There is no better way to social distance like jumping on the trail, in the woods, or on the lake.

The walleye bite on Leech Lake has been on fire and is definitely in its fall patterns. Watch the wind and fish your windblown points. Typical fall hot spots are Pine Point, Stony Point, Cedar Point, Hardwoods, Duck Points, Otter Tail Point, West Bar and Pelican Island. With the wind on these points, fish the wind-driven side as shallow as 2 to 3 feet of water. The best depth ranges have been between 6-12ft with a jig tipped with a minnow. Water temps have been ranging from 50 to 60 degrees, with cool nights and warmer days, surface temps have fluctuated. A lot of fish are still being caught pulling crankbaits as well. Look for some of the flats off of points to hold fish and cover water. Fishing in 8-12 ft with a Rapala Shad Rap or Berkley Flicker shad seems to be the ticket.

Jumbo perch are also doing very well right now on Leech. Sand Point, Walker Bay Narrows, Grand Vu Flats and 1st and 2nd Duck Point have all been producing nice limits of perch. You will also find bonus walleyes mixed right in with the perch.

Muskie action has also picked up this fall. Muskies are starting to put the food bag on right now and gearing up for winter. This is a great time to catch a trophy Muskie on Leech Lake. Look for any green cabbage weed beds that are left this time of the year. Also, main lake rock reefs are still all holding fish right now. Walker Bay open water trolling is also a popular way to catch fish in the fall. Trolling a Matlock or a Headlock over deep water in the Bay always produces some giant fish in the fall.

Duck Hunters and Grouse Hunters have also had a good couple of weeks around the area. We are still seeing quite a few local ducks around and with the mild weather, it has kept the Teal and Wood Ducks around as well. Steamboat Bay and Boy Bay are still seeing lots of ducks in the rice and the main part of Leech is seeing some diver action too. With cool weather to come, we should see some ducks start pushing down from the North. Also, grouse hunters are reporting some success. With some high winds this last week we have seen many leaves coming off the trees. This will make it much easier in weeks to come for the bird hunters.

Whatever you are doing this fall, make sure you get up to the Leech Lake area and enjoy some time on the water or in the woods. Stop by Reeds in Walker, and our experts can always mark a map and get you heading in the right direction. We are well stocked with any of your fall fishing, hunting or apparel needs. Stay Safe and enjoy the Fall.


Leech Lake Fishing Report for Leech Lake 10-10-20 - Trapper's Landing Lodge

Fishing Report 10.10.20

We are in our peak fall bite currently across Leech Lake as the water temps are in the Upper 40’s to low 50’s currently. Most anglers are using jigs and minnows currently on any of the mid lake reefs, wind blown points and remaining weed edges. For the windy days and night time fishing look in 10 ft of water or less and on the sunny still days, look a little deeper in 12-20 ft of water. For anglers looking to fish at night, trolling Husky Jerks, smithwick rouges along the shallows is producing a lot of fish and the anglers sitting off the docks at night are using light slip bobbers and minnows in less than 3 ft of water. The peak is right now and should last through next week as we have above average temps coming at us which should maintain that magic water temp.

Along with the great walleye fishing the Perch bite has been strong up in the weedy bays such as Boy, Portage, and Steamboat. Drift across the big weedy bays with a smaller jig/minnow or jig/plastic combination to find a good limit of Jumbos, or find a school of them and sit on them with a slip bobber rig. Many limits have been getting pulled this past week and it’s a good mid day bite across the lake.

The big musky are on the prowl right now as well. Most anglers are throwing big plastics and swimbaits along the mid lake structures around Pelican Island, Bear Island, and Pipe Island. Most anglers have found a slower retrieve right now is better for those fish and some anglers are even switching over to the large Decoys and bobbers right now to find a couple of those fall giants.

The winds the past week have knocked down a lot of the leaf cover in the woods and we are starting to hear good grouse reports come in to the area, with multiple flush days and good numbers of birds being seen. We had a small push of timberdoodle into the area this week as well. Its sounds like it has been a good year so far for grouse hunters. Waterfowl numbers were down this week due to the warm weather and large south winds, we have had some small flocks of divers move into the area and being out at first light will get you some shots, but we will need some cooler weather to bring some new birds into the area.

We have had some great fall weather this past week and are seeing our best fishing of the season right now. There is still some great lodging opportunities at the resort to come up and get in on the great action right now. Call in at 218-836-2500 to see what we have available. The Merit will be open Thur-Saturday through Oct 17th. We look forward to seeing you on the water.


Mille Lacs Fishing Report for 09-10-20 - Reeds Mille Lacs Outpost

Walleye fishing has been pretty decent still on the lake. A lot of people are pulling deep cranks such as tail dancers, deep husky cranks, or salmos fishing off the flats in 25 + feet of water. The bobber fishing with leeches or pulling crawlers has still been a fantastic tactic as well. 

Smallmouth are starting to put the feed bags on with water temps slowly dropping. Your finesse techniques such drop-shotting plastics, or throwing ned rigs have been the most common. The tactic that seems to be putting the most fish in the boat no matter if your chasing walleyes or smallies is fishing live bait with small sucker minnows. A very easy way to rig up and put large fish in the boat not to mention high quantities as well. 

On some of the local lakes, the panfish have been very aggressive as well. Flu flu lures with waxies or crappie minnows have been the most common way. The largemouth have moved to the deep side of the weed edges putting larger profile baits in front of them seems to be the best tactic for success. 


With cool nights and early mornings, fishing should continue to keep getting better on Mille lacs. If you are in the area and need some warmer gear or even some simple advice, feel free to come in! We are bound and determined to help you find the gear you need!