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Fishing Report May 18th, 2022


Well, we made it through opening weekend!

This last weekend with walleye opener here in Walker, we saw a pretty good bite. Saturday morning we had a lot of people out that did very well. The winds really, really picked up both Saturday and Sunday. It made it a little bit tougher out there for everybody. However, it's been it's been a decent bite during the week.

The wind has been been pretty tough for people but it's also pushed a lot of these fish up shallow. Stoney point, Pine Point, Otter Tail, The Hardwoods, First and Second Duck Points have all been good. Walker Narrows has pretty shallow water still, three to eight feet of water. Still pitching jigs and minnows, the bait is still a little bit tough.

Hope to see some more shiners this week. Don't be afraid to go to your plastics, Kietech, Big Bite, and more! Pair it up with your Northland jigs. Weather is going to be a little bit cooler, so it'll keep that water temp down, which also should keep the fish pretty active right now too. Have a great week and see you guys next weekend!


Fishing Report May 9th, 2022


Alright everybody, Cory from Reeds Sporting Goods in Walker, Minnesota. As you can see, we're ice free. It's awesome. Somehow, someway, Mother Nature helped us out this year wind came, rain came. We're looking good. I mean water temps are cold right now. But you know what, we're happy the ice is out. So let's just be happy with that right now. Expect a lot of people around this weekend, which will be great. Everybody's excited. You know, bait is gonna be a little bit tough this year. So we're gonna give you a bait report here. We're gonna try to do it later today or tomorrow when we start seeing some stuff come in. We are all stocked up and ready to go in the Walker store. So swing in we've got all your plastics might be a good alternative this year Kietech, Walleye Assassin, Big Bite, you name it. We've got all that stuff in stock right now. So it's going to be a great weekend. We're happy we are ice free! So see you guys in a couple days.

Fishing Report May 9th, 2022

Leech Lake is OPEN! We will be fishing in BOATS on opener! The high temps, wind and lots of rain have helped to remove the ice at record speeds, just in time for Walleye Opener!


Fishing Report Feb 4th, 2022

Ice conditions are great on our end if the lake. We are finding 22 plus inches currently. We have not had anybflooding issues or slush issues currently. The ice road is open to all vehicle traffic currently.
Walleye Fishing has slowed with the recent cold front. Look a little deeper 16 to 25 ft of water and down size your minnows and jigging spoons. Fish aggressive to get walleye to come in.
Perch Fishing has been steady this past week over in the miller bay area and weed edges around the lake. Look in 12 to 16 ft of water using the same techniques you would for walleye. You are going to have to sort through a lot of small perch.

Eelpout Fishing has been great during the lowlight times with lots of big fish being reported. They seem to be filling the walleye slow bite right now. They are in depths of water from 10 to 30 ft on our end of the lake.

We hope everyone has the opportunity to enjoy Fall around the Walker area.  It is a great time to get out and explore the area, no matter what you are doing there is something for everyone here.  Make sure you stop in at Reeds and let our staff mark a map or point you in the right direction in the woods.  Reeds has some great fall special going right now as well.  From Camo/Blaze apparel, Fishing rods/reels, and Gear or Guns and Ammo it's all on Sale at Reeds!   

Fishing Report Sept 30 2021 

Fall is Here!  For many, this is their favorite time to get out and enjoy the lakes or woods around the area.  Fall colors right now are spectacular and temperatures are unheard of for this time of the year.  We’ve had a beautiful week of weather around the Walker area with temps in the mid 70’s and 80 degrees.  No matter what you are doing right now fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, or sightseeing weather has been on our side. Get out and enjoy the Walker/Leech Lake area. 

Our water temps on Leech Lake were dropping pretty fast until the unusual weather moved in this week.  Temps were down around the mid 50’s last week but now have moved back into the low 60’s.  Perch action remains very good on Leech right now.  Sand Point, Walker Narrows, Grand View Flats, Agency, and Traders Bay all seem to be kicking out good numbers of perch.  A jig and a minnow still seem to be the presentation of choice.  Look in 6-10 feet of water on your sand flats in these areas.  If you can find good transitions from sand grass to sand these are great areas to start.  Any good green cabbage weeds are holding good numbers of fish as well. You will find some walleyes mixed in with the perch as well. The fall walleye bite seems to just be beginning to start.  With water temps soon to fall this should get the walleyes going.  Look around the Cedar Point, Hardwoods, 1st and 2nd Duck Point, and Stony Point areas to find some walleyes.  Again, a jig and a minnow is probably the best presentation right now.  We are finding some walleyes rigging bigger minnows like Redtails or Creek Chubs in some of the deeper water in Walker Bay as well.  Look on your shoreline breaks in 18-25 feet of water or any of the deeper humps in 25-30 feet.  Make sure you are using your electronics to scan these areas to find fish.   

With duck opener last week, we are hearing some success with the duck hunters that are around.  With the nice weather we have had, it has kept a lot of teal and wood ducks around the area.  Many of your local ducks are still around as well.  We also are hearing good reports on grouse hunting right now as well.  Brid numbers definitely seem to be on the rise with many hunters seeing and hearing birds.  Leaves are still pretty thick in the woods so it is still making it a little difficult to see some of these birds.   

We hope everyone has the opportunity to enjoy Fall around the Walker area.  It is a great time to get out and explore the area, no matter what you are doing there is something for everyone here.  Make sure you stop in at Reeds and let our staff mark a map or point you in the right direction in the woods.  Reeds has some great fall special going right now as well.  From Camo/Blaze apparel, Fishing rods/reels, and Gear or Guns and Ammo it's all on Sale at Reeds!   

Leech Lake Fishing Report 9.10.2021


Leech Lake Fishing Report for Leech Lake 7-15-2021 - Trapper's Landing Lodge

Hi, I’m Josh Boulevant and I am here with Noah Weinstein and this is your Trapper’s Landing Lodge weekly fishing report. It’s July 15th today, and as you can see we’re out on beautiful Leech Lake. Noah is working for us this summer down at the marina. He is from Duluth and goes to the college of St. Scholastica. He is a biochemistry major and is working at Trapper’s Landing Lodge for the summer. He is on the St. Scholastica basketball team and will be a sophomore next year. If you see him around the Marina this summer, be sure to tell him hi! 

For the Leech Lake fishing, the bite has been a little bit slower during the day, we’re getting ready here, as it’s just now starting to be about that five-six o’clock time frame. Trolling crankbaits has really been working in those overnight, low-light conditions. I have one of the blue flicker shads on here, and Noah has a jointed one that we got him set up with. The nice part about these rods, we’ve got these in our pro shop, they’re line counters so you aren’t going to get tangled, you can measure out how much line everybody has in the boat. It’s a great technique!  

We are currently out in one of our Trapper’s Landing Lodge rental boats. This is our Lund Crossover rental boat. It is great for skiing, tubing, and fishing! All of the Crossover rental boats at Trapper’s are set up with a Humminbird. We have side and down imaging to help you find these Leech Lake Walleye! It is a great time to rent a boat on Leech Lake. For more information visit: https://leechlakeboatrentals.com/ 

When we’re out fishing, we’re going to go in that 10-15 ft range, trolling with the line back 100 ft. We’re going to be trolling at a speed around 2 mph. We have also heard down at the Trapper’s Marina that people have found success with slip bobbers, bottom bouncers, and spinners during the day. During the night, it’s more crankbaits. Mark the fish and you will be able to catch them! There is a lot of different techniques that are currently working, when the bite is slow, keep moving and trying out different techniques until you find what is working best for you. 

The Leech Lake Musky bite has started to pick up, we just talked to one of the guys who came in and he had caught two muskies today on Leech Lake. They weren’t super big ones, but they’re starting to get some fish. It’s another beautiful night on Leech Lake so we are going to get fishing, so from all of us here at Trapper’s Landing Lodge, we hope to see you on the water!  

Mille Lacs Fishing Report 9.29.2021
Fall fishing for big fish has begun on Mille Lacs lake. Lots of giant smallmouths are being caught anywhere from 10 to 15 feet of water. The biggest key is to find the rocks and boulders. Many fishermen are using ned rigs, A-rigs, and of course, live bait. Either way both of been to produce some giants. If you have never done either style, come on in and we can set you up very easily and very fast, and yes we do have live bait! The walleye fishing isn't fast by any means. A few people are picking them up on retails and even sucker minnows. The best bite seems to be that evening time with cranks along the weed line. Do not forget you can keep 1 fish between 21-23 and can also fish until midnight for walleyes. If you are planning on coming to the lake to chase pike or musky I've noticed those fish hugging weed lines eating paddle tail baits along with blades. We have plenty of custom colors so do not forget to stop by and catch your giant on some exclusive Reeds items.
Bonus report!
If your coming to the area to hunt the grouse have been active along with the geese which seem to be on the move as well. We have a full selection of hunting decoys and clothing for whichever you prefer. Good luck on the water and in the blinds!



Mille Lacs Fishing Report 7.14.2021 - Reeds Mille Lacs Outpost
The walleye fishing is back up and running on the big pond this weekend. These fish should be on a terror with live bait back in action. As of Friday, July 16th, you can use live bait and fish for walleyes with a catch and release mentality. The evening leech bite will be very effective on the flats or coving breaks, along with lead core cranks over deep flats. The typical crawler harness would be a great and easy way to cover ground as well. I expect leeches and a larger minnow such as a small sucker to be most effective this weekend. The smallmouth fishing has been pretty good. As expected, lots of finesse TRD's, small tubes, and dropping shooting plastics have been what's moving the best. Finding most of these fish in 10-15 ft of water over big boulders or rock piles. The musky fishing on Mille Lacs is an open water troll right now. Covering ground and pulling big cranks such as supernatural, slammer, or jakes are the best option. With the warm temps and another beautiful weekend, we are fully loaded on all of our water sports. Water platforms. Floating tables, tubes, Lily Pads and Maui Mats, we truly have it all!

Leech Lake Fishing Report 7.22.20201 - Muskie Fishing on Leech Lake

Hey, this is Nelson with Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters here in Walker, Minnesota with your weekly Leech Lake fishing report. For those Leech Lake Walleye, what's happening right now is the same thing that has been happening all summer long. You're going to want to troll and cover a lot of water. Whether it's Rapalas or Lindy riggs, you're hitting those flats, those rocky areas, or the weed lines. Anytime you can find cabbage weeds or a lot of weeds, hang out on the edge of those or even go right through the weeds and you’re going to pick up some fish. You're going to have to cover a lot of water though.  
The summertime is also a great time to get out. Bring the kids and catch some crappie and bluegill. The bluegill here on Leech Lake are up in the weeds. If you can find a weedy area that drops off, hang around that area and you're going to find bluegill. Once you find one just stop, pitch bobbers to them, and have a good time. Get the kids out during this time, and then after a little bit let them jump in the water! 
What I really want to talk about today is Leech Lake Muskie. The muskie bite is really starting to pop up right now. We're going to see muskie more and more as the summer goes and as the heat comes in, Muskies are going to start to hit better. Anytime you have a full moon, it's going to be a great time for muskie fishing as well. A couple of spots when we're talking muskie fishing, during the summertime, what they love is warm rocks. Anywhere from eight to fifteen feet of water you're going to be able to find muskie out there. It's not something where they're in one specific depth obviously, they're going to be all over the place. Where I want you to focus on is around this pelican island reef, the south-east side of the island is all rocks, so it’s going to have nice warm rocks that muskies love. The Annex Reef up to Submarine is a good spot to try and then another spot is up in Sucker Bay. The whole shoreline there is going to be weeds and rocks. It used to be great cabbage beds and now it's a little more sparse, so if you just travel up and down that Sucker Bay area casting in, you're going to pick off some fish. Those are a great couple of spots to start muskie fishing here on Leech Lake, obviously. If you've been muskie fishing out on Leech Lake for a long time, you know your spots. The bite is starting to heat up so come on out to Leech Lake and check it out! 
If you are wanting to get into muskie fishing, we do have a great beginner combo available here in the Walker store. This is a Reeds Custom Combo from Daiwa. This is the Millionaire series rod, if you wanted to troll for muskie, this is a great trolling rod. And if you wanted to cast for muskie, this is also going to work for casting as well. For $159.99, it is a great option, so come into Reeds in Walker and check that out. 
Now if we're talking about muskie, there's so many different things you could be doing. What I want to focus on today is casting. If you want to get into muskie fishing you could run top waters, spinner baits or you could run plastics. They're all great options to go with, they're going to work in different areas. If you can find a really weedy area, like up in that Sucker Bay area, you're going to find really some really weedy areas up. With that you will want to run with top baits. They don’t always have to be the biggest baits, there are different sizes for a reason. You can use some smaller ones, you can use some bigger ones. Some really small ones that that almost look like bass baits will work for muskie as well. We just had some kids catch the muskie on on some smaller ones just the other day so check that out. 
If you did want to get into muskie trolling, we have the Matlock Headlocks available, they are going to run down the proper depth when you're trolling over deep water to be able to get those muskies out so check that. We also have muskie plastics and spinners here in the store. For plastics, we have the Medusas and Poseidons. I want to encourage you to mix it up when you are out fishing for muskie. Most people when they're casting out spinners, they are ripping it fast across the water. If you are not having any luck, slow it down. Cast the same spot a couple of times, run two or three of them fast, and then slow it down a bit for one or two casts. The same thing with when you get into the medusas, so many people with the medusa just running it slow, it’s methodical. It has a lot of action to it which is really, really cool, but every once in a while try ripping it quick because they get that trigger strike. A fish may see it and not worry about. It may see it, not worry about it when it's going slow, but once you move it fast just like walleye, you're rip jigging; you're going to get that reactionary bite. I want you to check those out and make sure you differ things up a little bit when you're out casting. 
A lot of people go muskie fishing during the night and a lot of people go out during the day – they both have their benefits. During the day, because when it's hot out the fish are out and they're active, they're moving. When it's dark, two things: one, they can't see you as well, so they're more likely to follow it up and hit it close to the boat even; and two, you can't see them to be able to pull away from them.  How many times have we seen a big fish come in, you get excited, you set the hook, and jerk it right out of their mouth? So consider trying that. It is little bit more difficult to fish at night, just with light obviously, but something to check out. If you haven't been finding any fish, try fishing at night for a little bit and see what happens. Try going out at that hour. Before or after sunrise is a good time for muskie as well – stay out a little bit later. The hour before or after moon rise or set as well is something to consider - good times. 
So come on in to Reeds Sports here in Walker or Onamia. There is a lot of muskie out on Mille Lacs Lake as well, the team there would love to help you and point out a couple of good spots on Mille Lacs at the Onamia Store. We will also mark the map here in Walker. Thanks so much, have a great day!  

Leech Lake Fishing Report for Leech Lake 7-08-2021 - Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters

Hey everybody, Ben here from Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters in Walker, MN doing your weekly fishing report. What we've been seeing when targeting Leech Lake walleyes, again, as we've been saying all year so far is bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses. Now there are more people starting to troll, around deep rocks, covering ground is essential because those fish are so spread out. You can catch fish in two feet of water and you can catch them in 35 feet of water. In terms of areas to focus your efforts again, the same type of stuff as we've been saying. Focus on the weed edges in that Sucker Bay area this is the most productive in terms of where you're going to find fish. There will be numerous amounts of fish in this area, you’re just going to have to sort through the fish in order to find that trophy Leech Lake Walleye. The big hardwood all the way up deadhead, all the way into Sucker Bay and all of your duck points, is another good area to start. Fish a bullet sinker with a spinner and small short leed – 3,5 ft using colors such as gold, green, silver, orange. We have found that most colors are working right now as long as you have the right size. We found that downsizing your stuff has been important here on Leech Lake. The mayfly bite is over so you don’t have to worry about that. Pulling bottom bouncers with spinners or bullet sinker and a spinner up in that anywhere in those areas you can catch your fish, again, as shallow as two-three four feet and out as deep as 18/20 feet. In terms of trolling with crankbaits, there are people that are pulling leadcore using the trench, as most people would, using lead core and fishing out along the edges of the rock humps. Fish out in that little bit deeper stuff around submarine and annex in that 17 18 20 22 24 feet of water, those areas are going to be more productive for getting numbers of fish. Same thing around the pelican island area, milky reef all of those rock areas out on the main lake. After dark, try going with the lighted slip bomber and a leech in the same areas. Use lighted slip bobber plain hook down to a leech in that Duck Point and Sucker Bay area down in Traders, in Agency Bay you use that technique all over the place, you're targeting different areas of depth. If you find fish up in four or five feet of water during the day you might not see them again out there until later on in the evening you know but pulling cranks after dark has been effective as well there you're not necessarily using lead you might just be pulling straight monofilament or fire line with a size 4 size 5 size 6 size 7 chad wrap or something like that so   
In terms of the Leech Lake musky, muskies have been a little bit better, we’ve been hearing a lot of guys fishing up in the Portage Bay area. Many people fishing in Sucker Bay for them as well. People are switching what they are using to catch those Leech Lake muskies, right now they're using swim baits and smaller rubber lures. The smaller bulldogs and smaller medusas have been more productive in terms of moving fish.   
When looking for Bass here in Leech Lake, you are still going to want to look in the weeds up in Steamboat Bay area, try the north end of Kabekona Bay, where you have good weeds. Agency Bay has been okay for bass as well as Shingobee Bay has been decent for bass. Not huge numbers of fish, not anything crazy like that but catching numbers of fish. Bluegills and crappies have been sporadic on Leech Lake, I haven't heard a lot of anybody fishing for them. If you were going to go and target them again that Shingobee Bay area, Agency Narrows and Agency Bay is would be where you'd go and target bluegills and crappies. For those, use a small 16th-ounce jig with minnows or leeches or chunks of nightcrawler under a bobber that would be what you'd want to do. Other than that, it's been a good week, it's been hot but there's a lot of fish to be caught! Thank you, guys have a good day.     


Leech Lake Fishing Report for Leech Lake 7-08-2021 - Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters

Hey guys, Alice here from Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters here in Walker, Minnesota, right on the shores of Leech Lake, with your weekly fishing report. Can you believe it, we're already one week into the month of July! The fishing has been a little bit of a grind lately but going out there with the right tactics you're sure to find your Leech Lake walleye.
We've still been finding the fish in the cabbage. One thing about cabbage is when it gets to the heat of the summer, the cabbage provides shade, cover, and it also harbors the baitfish, so they have no reason to leave. We've been finding the best of luck about 7 to 9 feet of water, still pulling spinner rigs tipped with a fathead minnow. The slip bobber bite is still producing a great number of fish. When you can find those deeper pockets, the 9 to 12 feet of water, all you'll need for that is a standard slip bobber and a leech. A lot of people are getting excited because the Shad Rap bite is picking up. One of the things as we start to hit the peak summer, the fish really go for a little bit more movement and everything.

Late nights, as well as early mornings/late evenings, are still proving to be the best times of day to go after these fish. Fish don't like the heat just the same as we do. With the Shad Raps, you can find the walleye in about 12 to 15 ft of water over the flats and out from the weed breaks. Again, you are going to get the best of luck with the Leech Lake walleye during the evenings and overnight. If you want to target some of those bigger deeper fish, look in that 16 to 22 feet range of water during the day and you'll still be able to pull up a few. 
Using chubs is another great way to find walleye on Leech, a lot of people don't realize how successful chubs can be even at this time. When using chubs, focus on those sunken islands and humps in Walker Bay, slow trolling the chub minnows has been really good, especially for your larger size fish. Typically, how I go out there is I'll tie on a 6 to 7 ft floral leader with a 3/8 to 1/2 oz egg sinker and just slow troll out there, you're sure to get a big one! 

The smaller bodies of water around the Walker area have seen a great panfish bite. Look in deeper cabbage, and we are catching those crappies on everything from slip bobbers to beetle spins to small spinner rig setups. 

Some key areas to focus on here on Leech Lake are going to be on the north side of Sand Point. We've also been finding a lot of luck around the Cedar Point area, but don't be too shy to go check out the flats those wide flats over by Goose Island either. If you are in the area, come into Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitter located in downtown Walker, MN. Talk to our fishing experts here and we can help you get rigged up for success. After a hot day of fishing, be sure to cool off in the lake! We are looking forward to another beautiful weekend ahead, get the family together and go play outside. Come check out our brand-new Watersports Plaza, we have everything from water skis, inner tubes, and paddleboards! We also have water platforms including Lily Pads and Maui Mats, which are great for the kids! We are open 9:30 - 5:30 7 days a week. Give our team a call at 800-346-0019 or stop in here in Walker, MN.


Leech Lake Fishing Report for Leech Lake 7-01-2021 - Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters

This is Nelson from Reed Sports in Walker, Minnesota with your Leech Lake Fishing Report for the 4th of July weekend. We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July weekend. If you're looking for any Maui Mats or Aqua Lilly's we do have them in stock, come into the store here at the walker location.  

Thinking about fishing we are currently seeing the Leech Lake water temps anywhere from 72 all the way up to 80 degrees, so it’s kind of all over the place. It is a lot warmer than it normally is this time of year. We are seeing the leech lake mayflies come in small doses. I heard up on Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake are inundated with mayflies. So, if you're heading up that way keep that in mind. The Leech Lake area it's been a slow burn for mayflies. We haven't had a crazy hatch. It started early and it's just perpetuating so kind of normal for this time of year but it's not going to be that heavy mayfly hatch like we're so used to around this time of year. 

 For fishing Leech Lake walleye, they're all over the place, I feel like we've said this for the last six weeks; It is a bottom bouncer bite. You are still going to find fish in that 13 to 18 ft of water but they are starting to slide off into the deeper water as well on the main deep transition points. If you are on Walker Bay, looking for walleye, they are starting to come up onto those mid-lake humps to chase baitfish. Even during the middle of the day, we are seeing fish out there. You have to remember there’s a group of fish that are going to always be deep and there’s also that group of fish that are always going to be shallow. I’ve heard that up on one lake north of Blackduck, they are seeing big walleye in three feet of water hanging out in the weeds. They are looking for food and they are looking for oxygen. There’s going to be oxygen inside those weeds so don’t be afraid to check that out. If we are talking about Leech Lake Walleyes, we have the Sucker bay area that has a lot of weeds. Depending on where the wind is blowing, what you can do is cast into those weeds or you can troll your spinner rig, whether you have a bullet weight or a bottom bouncer setup. You can troll on top of the weeds, outside the weed or you troll in this deeper area to get down a little bit deeper to find those fish. If you are not finding them shallower, try casting or trolling, try going a little bit deeper in Sucker Bay and see if you can find them. You’ll also find crappie in that same area.  

Now as the summer goes on, those Leech Lake Muskies are really going to start to turn on. It’s been a tough year for muskie so far. We are still seeing them in 80 ft of water, 10/20 ft down. I have heard that they are not coming up quite as much as they normally do, again it’s just a weird year so make sure you check your moon phases. But as the season goes on, musky love warm rocks, so that’s where we are headed. It is going to be out on the Annex Ref area and all these little reefs out here where they have 10, 15 even 6ft of water. Around Pelican Island, all the areas like red rocks, white rocks, all these areas are going to hold muskies as the summer goes, as it gets warmer. This is where to find musky on Leech Lake. 

Whether you’re out muskie fishing or walleye fishing, the team at Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters in Walker, MN and Onamia, MN can help you out. We have a lot of great options; we can point to a map for you to get you set exactly where we feel you would have the most success. As far as if you’re going to be doing to do a lot of trolling or even slip bobbering, I have a couple of good options for you this week. We’ve got the Okuma Deadeye Rod, this is going to be your trolling rod. This is a telescoping rod that goes down about 16 inches from an 8ft to a 6ft rod. This is really nice to be able to store better. If you did want to use a spinning rod, the Okuma Deadeye Rod has great options there too. You can still use this for trolling if you don’t have a line counter reel, but this 7'6" rod is great for casting out the bobber if you’re targeting fish that you want to be able to get a big sweeping hook set, this is going to work. 


Leech Lake Fishing Report for Leech Lake 7-01-2021 - Trapper's Landing Lodge


Mille Lacs Fishing Report for 07-02-2021 - Reeds Mille Lacs Outpost

For anyone on vacation or someone who is normally out chasing walleyes, this is a perfect opportunity to try some new tactics and fishing styles. The smallmouth bite can be an extremely fun fish to target on this lake as well. I'm seeing these fish get caught up the reefs and off of large rocks and boulders this time of year. Zman Ned rigs, along with Rapala DT series cranks have been a fun, easy, and effective way of fishing the Smallies. We also just received an order of Outkast tackle perfect Ned heads in chartreuse, which I highly recommend having as well rigged with a green pumpkin TRD. If you have not done this before, stop on into the outpost and we will get you fully set up. From the Fenwick Elite tech bass rods to baits, we will have you fully covered when you hit the lake. If you want to fish some of the other lakes around Mille Lacs the large mouth bite has been good as well. Senkos in purple and pink I like, and frogs are the way to go with the warm water temps. Those fish are stacked in the weeds and under docks. If you're a Musky or pike fan, again with those water temps being warm, trolling over weeds or out deep is my suggestion. Cover lots of area and change your baits up. If you want to fish weeds I would troll larger spinnerbaits, and if you're open water trolling, I would use a Supernatural big bait or a 12-inch slammer. We carry both of these baits and have tons of exclusive colors only found at Reeds. Stop by the Reeds Mille Lacs Lake Outpost and we will get you fully taken care of from sunscreen, to baits, to water sports, and of course fully loaded selection of YETI drink wear and coolers for these hot days!