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Aaron Gould

Hometown: Long Prairie, MN

Favorite Shooting Memory: Opening for Tom Knapp at Reed's Gun Fair. Steve and I were wearing fake mustaches to be like Tom!

Favorite Game to Hunt: Each game animal is unique and enjoyable to observe, conserve, and hunt. It is difficult to pick just one as I like upland, waterfowl, and big game. But my favorite has to be big game and more specifically Whitetail Deer.

Steve Gould

Hometown: Long Prairie, MN

Favorite Lake: The one with good friends, fish, and sunshine!

Favorite Game to Hunt: Whitetail, Pheasant, Turkey (It is impossible to choose just one, I love them all!)

Favorite Shooting Memory: Performing a live exhibition show at the 2012 Reeds Gun Fair as an opening act for the great Tom Knapp.

We’re just two brothers that have taken our passion for trick shooting, dreamed big and pulled the trigger to turn our passion into a career.
We specialize in performing one of a kind live exhibition shows across the country and producing crazy trick shooting videos.

Learn more about the Gould Brothers HERE


Clint Glass

Hometown: Sauk Rapids, MN

Favorite Lake: Lake Michigan - Bay of Green Bay

Trophy Mention: Walleye at just under 13 pounds, I love Elk Hunting, any elk I take with my bow is a trophy to me! 


Juan Gomez

Hometown: Chatfield, MN

Favorite Lake: Waterville area lakes

Trophy Mention: My first five pounder, got me obsessed to bass fishing for life!



Nick Schorn

Hometown: Ham Lake, MN

Favorite Lake: Clearwater Lake, Annandale, MN

Trophy Mention: 7lb 2oz largemouth caught in southern Minnesota last spring


Nicole Rognstad

Hometown: Bemidji, MN

Favorite Lake: Lake of the Woods

Favorite Game: Whitetail deer

Trophy Catch: 120 lb Halibut in Alaska 


Nolan Dumonceaux

Hometown: Forest Lake, MN

Favorite Lake: Lake of the Woods

Favorite Game: Whitetail Deer


Cam Martin

Hometown: Victoria, MN

Favorite Lake: Lake Waconia

Favorite Game: Deer Hunting


Rob Benson

Hometown: Waseca, MN 

Favorite Lake: Clear Lake &  BWCA - Iron Lake and Lake Insula

Trophy Catch: Largemouth Bass caught on Clear Lake weighing just over 6lbs back in highschool 


Douglas Schmidt

Hometown: Morris, MN

Favorite Lake: Lake Minnewaska

Favorite Game: Bird Hunting

Trophy Catch: 13lb 6 oz Largemouth Bass caught in TX pond


Austin Williams

Hometown: Brainerd, MN

Favorite Lake: Whitefish Chain

Favorite Game: Whitetail Hunting

Trophy Catch: Catching a 29-inch walleye with my grandpa when I was younger. He got me hooked on the outdoors! 


Chad Ziegler

Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN

Favorite Lake: Cass Lake

Favorite Game: Ducks, especially divers

Trophy Hunt:My favorite duck is a canvasback and my first one was a mature drake. Taxidermist said I would not see another one as mature. 



Thor Swanson

Hometown: Blaine, MN

Favorite Lake: Cass lake

Favorite Game: Duck Hunting

Trophy Catch: Competing in the Bassmaster College Fishing National Championship on Lake Bemidji


Aaron Grefsrud

Hometown: Clearwater, MN

Favorite Lake: Mille Lacs

Favorite Game: Waterfowl Hunting

Memorable trip: Any time hunting or fishing with my Dad. 


Robert Liebeck

Hometown: Remer, MN

Favorite Lake: Mille Lacs Lake

Favorite Game: Deer and Grouse

Trophy Catch: 17" Black Crappie



Ryan Schwagerl

Hometown: Backus, MN

Favorite Lake: Sylvester

Trophy Hunt: A Drake hooded merganser that I had been waiting to get for 10 years, I finally bagged one last fall. 


Evan Loney

Hometown: Rushford, MN

Favorite Lake: Leech Lake

Favorite Game: Waterfowl Hunting

Memorable trip: Catching a 58" Sturgeon


Mitchell Meeker

Hometown: Chatfield, MN

Favorite Lake: Caribou Lake & Lake of the woods

Favorite Game: Squirrel & Whitetail Deer

Trophy Catch:  38" Northern Pike on a shallow diver crankbait Rapala, June of 2020


Nathan Hozer

Hometown: Wykoff, MN

Favorite Lake: Leech Lake

Favorite Game: Archery hunting whitetail & Chasing pheasants

Favorite Hunting Memory: I’ve been able to record several buck fights over the last few years, being able to see them fight so close fuels the hunting drive.


Ethan Heyblom

Hometown: Nashwauk, MN

Favorite Lake: Lake of the Woods

Favorite Game: Waterfowl

Trophy Catch: a 30lb king salmon whole fishing on Lake Michigan.