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Leech Lake Knives 5.5`` Fillet Knife Walnut 95423

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Leech Lake Knives 5.5`` Fillet Knife Walnut 95423

All of the Leech Lake Fillet Knives are hand made. Each handle is made from various hardwoods from all over the world. The wood in the handle is heated and the natural oils are removed from the pores in a strong vacuum the sheets are enhanced with a phenolic resin which is sometimes referred to as the Steel of Plastics. The woods are then layered in different colors and are ground to shape exposing fascinating design. These handles are extremely durable as well as beautiful. The blade is made from specially designed high carbon/semi-stainless alloy steel. The steel is then hardened and tempered to Don+s specifications. Each blade is signed and dated as well as marked with an "SS" that signifies Don Canney+s "Super Steel".

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BrandLeech Lake Knives
SeasonWinter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Bass
5.5`` Fillet Knife Walnut
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