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Great Unit, but...

Reviewed by: Red Mark Customs
Date: February 3, 2016

I liked the idea of getting the 28 on the blue box. It saves a lot of money over the other 2 soft pack options. The blue box is a handy carrier and very convenient when out hole hopping. I put a 10 dollar vexilar neoprene cover on it to protect the screen. The 28 is really nice to use, but beware if you purchase a late 2015 or early 2016 unit you will have to bring it or send it in to Vexilar to have it updated. This unit will freeze/lock up on you. You can turn the unit on and off or hit the IR button to unlock it, but it will lock up again. Mine locks up every 5-15 minutes. Kind of a bummer when you feel like you're getting one of the better flashers on the market. Good thing is, that it only takes a few minutes for Vexilar to update the software and fix the issue. I'm giving the unit 3 stars. Definitely would give it 5 if I didn't have to get it updated/fixed right out of the box.


Reviewed by: Perry
Date: March 7, 2016

As one review already has said, this unit will lock up.. It does on mine at a rate of 5 to 6 times in half hour, or 10 or more I'm a hour.. Then it's ok for a few hours . Beware this is all on vexilar - they are selling these units defective from factory to customer with a software design that is fixable. But you have to pay to ship it back what kind of customer service is that?? My 28 was not even a month old.. 15$ of my money to fix there software problem. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I should have returned the whole unit.. It's under warranty if I pay. Come on vexilar. You wanna be the best or screw the end user for you lack of design and testing.. Clam did this. Where are they heading. I'll tell you.. Down hill fast.

Can't wait

Reviewed by: The King
Date: October 22, 2016

Haven't used it on the ice yet but have had vexilars for all most 20 yrs. just got mine and called vexilar and no update needed for Mine given serial number. This is a phenomenal Deal for what I know will be an outstanding flasher for the next 20 yrs. Reeds never fails nor does Vexilar! Great service and always fast delivery!