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Singing Pines Wild Rice

Singing Pines Wild Rice-Broken WILD

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Singing Pines Wild Rice WILD RICE-BROKEN WILD

Traditionally; the Ojibway and Sioux Indians of Minnesota harvested wild rice with two people in a canoe or wooden boat. One person poled th boat through the rice bed while the other using knocking sticks knocked the rice kernels into the boat. The rice was the parched; the hulls removed; and using birch bark winnowing baskets the rice was seperated from the chaff. Today; the majority of wild rice offered in markets has been prepared with modern adaptations of these traditional methods. each lake river and wild rice bed produces itw own unique rice. Broken rice; sometimes called "soup rice" since it is most often used in soups and casseroles gives you the same great taste at a lower cost. Cooks in 20-30 minutes. 1 pound package.

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