Reeds VIP Member Benefits

Use, Conditions and enrollment for all on-line users

  • If your add to cart price is suddenly less than the price you expected to pay the Product Page, it is because we've applied your VIP membership status.
  • Our VIP Club membership makes you part of unique user group and not part of the general public receiving general advertisements.  Your offers are specific to our VIP members and not subject to the minimum pricing policies of factories. 
  • In exchange for you sharing your personal information and agreeing to receive our advertising information, we agree to provide you with special price discounts whenever we can do so, in our subjective opinion.
  • We enroll you as a VIP member when you request a coupon or low price under our Personal Shopping Assistant for items.
  • When you sign up for our ATV drawing, we enroll with VIP benefits.
  • If you use the express checkout, but make a purchase from us, we enroll you in our VIP program.
  • Notice to non-customer users.  The Reeds VIP policies and practices on this website are private and confidential for legit customers only.  If you are a factory, factory representative, competing retailer, or any agent for any business policing our pricing offered to our customers, you are not eligible to be a Reeds VIP, even for personal shopping use.  Buy your personal gear from another retailer. If you do sign up as a Reeds VIP, any information you acquire or use is deemed a theft of proprietary information because you are committing fraud by signing up as a Reeds VIP member.   All information, benefits and pricing shared to authentic customers by Reeds is confidential and unique to them.  If you are not eligible to be a Reeds VIP member because of an affiliation or employment, we apologize for the inconvenience, but if you sign up as Reeds VIP member any way because you are not eligible under our above policy, then you are committing fraud.  To that end, any information you acquire will not be useable to show how we are helping our customers.   By signing up as a Reeds VIP customer, you affirm that you agree that any information or pricing shared with you cannot be used to show how we are helping our customers and cannot be used for any penalties in any way, and you also agree to provide all of your research on all retailer practices that you have acquired in the last year about any item we stock.  You further agree hold us harmless and agree to be responsible for any employee time reimbursement, attorney fees, costs or expenses that we incur explaining and defending our pricing and VIP policy to you and any parties related to you, including but not limited to your contractor, employer, factory or retailer.