Fishing Report

Leech Lake Fishing Report Sponsored By Trapper's Landing Lodge & The Reeds Fishing Team

Leech Lake Walker Bay Fishing Report 07.13.18

Leech Lake has definitely hit the summertime pattern. We had a great week of weather for the 4th of July holiday and the weather continues to look very favorable. With the nice warm weather, it has also pushed the water temps up in the upper 70 and 80’s. The mayfly hatch on Leech Lake was pushed back into July this year but at this point, we should be seeing the last of it. The walleye day bite has been a little tougher with some of these conditions but there are plenty of other fish out there to target as well. If you’re able to pick and choose your time, the low light hours in the morning or the evening have been the best.

Many people are still finding walleyes using a variety of patterns right now. Running a Lindy rig tipped with a leech or a crawler in 18-25 ft of water working the shoreline breaks or mid-lake humps has produced fish. Also running a bottom bouncer with a Northland or Lindy spinner on the flats is a great way to cover water and locate fish. Sand Point, Sucker Bay, Goose Flats are all great areas to run spinners in the 10-18ft range. With the water temps approaching 80 degrees many of the walleyes have moved into some deeper water as well. Running lead core with crankbaits is a great way to get down to them. Paris Trench off Stony Point is holding a lot of fish in the 20-30ft range. The evening crankbait bite has also kicked into full swing. Seems like that last hour of light and after dark has been a great time to be out pulling cranks. Sand Point, Pine Point, Traders Bay or Goose Flats are all great areas to look. Don’t be afraid to fish the weeds as well. There are lots of walleyes that live in the weeds year round. The cabbage weeds provide cover and usually have an abundance of bait fish in them. Running a slip bobber tipped with a leech or pitching a jig and a minnow are great ways to target these fish.

Muskies have started to become more active with the water temps warming up. Keep looking for healthy cabbage weeds or warmer sand flats for these roaming fish. Smaller presentations have been producing fish, smaller bucktails, jerk baits, or soft swimbaits all are good choices. The Muskie bite should only keep getting better as the summer progresses.

If walleyes are not your thing the bass bite on Leech Lake is very good. Both Largemouth and Smallmouth are very aggressive right now. Steamboat Bay and Boy Bay have been kicking out some great bass. Look around the weed edges or fish the heavy cover in the rice. Pitch your weedless frogs or jigs in the pockets of the rice, or run your spinnerbaits through the weeds or bull rushes. Smallmouths have been very active down on the south end of the main Lake. Look for your rocks around Pelican Island, Diamond Point, and Pipe Island, all are good places to look for Smallies on Leech. We also have had a good bluegill/sunfish bite on Leech. Most of your gills are being caught on a slip bobber tipped with a leech around your cabbage beds or bull rushes.

We hope everyone enjoys the great weather we are having in the first few weeks of July. Make sure to stop in at Reeds and have the experts mark a map for you or outfit you with any of your needs. And remember Reeds always has the Best Service, Best Price, and Best Advise. Enjoy the lake or the area no matter what you are doing.


Trapper's Landing Lodge South Shore Fishing Report 07.08.18

The bugs are starting to subside on the main part of the lake. It was a late hatch for the mayflies this year and they were numerous. Walleye fishing has slowed for most anglers right now, but we still have some fish being caught. With the slower fishing due to the mayflies, you will have to pick and choose your times to go fishing. Fishing during the low light periods such as sunrise, sunset and overnight hours will increase your odds. The best technique right now is trolling crankbaits during these prime hours along the weed lines in Miller Bay, Boy Bay and Walker bay or the mid-lake structure around Pelican Island, Submarine reef or Mokey’s Reef in 12- 18 ft of water. Most fishermen are using #5 or # 7 Rapala Shad Raps or Berkeley Flicker Minnows. The best colors to use right now would be Orange, Purple or Blue. Trolling at a good speed of 2- 2.5 mph will get you the most strikes.

Musky action has been picking up on the South Shore this past week. Most anglers are having luck on the sand/weed transitions in Miller Bay, Pipe Island, and Whipholt Beach areas. Make sure you downsize and slow down the baits for the most action. Smaller spinner baits or inline spinners in a black/orange or blue/chartreuse combination are working best. Make sure you are hitting those major and minor times or if you did see a fish that did not hit, go back to that fish during a major and hopefully you will get a hookup.

Bass action has filled the time in-between the peak walleye times during the day. Smallmouth can be found on the rock reefs near Diamond Point and Huddle’s Reef. Use a jig/craw combination or tube jig in 10-15 ft of water to catch these bronzed back beauties. Largemouth bass can be found in Sucker, Steamboat and Boy Bay along the wild rice. Using frogs through the thick grass or a Carolina rig with your favorite plastic worm will catch some good-sized bass.

We still have some great last minute lodging availability for this upcoming weekend and some great weather for fishing, call for reservations 218-836-2500. Our on-site restaurant, The Merit, has great dinner specials this upcoming week and this Friday, Bemidji Brewing sponsors our patio happy hour.  We look forward to hopefully seeing you at The Merit and look forward to the many guests coming on-site this upcoming week. As always be safe on all your outdoor adventures and we hope to see you on the water.