Fishing Report

Leech Lake Ice Fishing Report Sponsored By Trapper's Landing Lodge

Leech Lake Walker Bay Ice and Fishing Report 02.22.18

This has been an interesting week with the weather conditions. In Walker Bay, we have excellent ice conditions, with anywhere from 26-30” of ice. With the snow we received over the weekend and Monday, you will want to stay on the plowed roads when venturing onto and off of the lake. With the International Eelpout Festival starting today, you will find that there is plenty of ice for your house and vehicle. You will want to bring an extension for your auger.

The walleye bite has been sporadic, with most fish being caught anywhere from 22-32’ of water throughout Walker Bay. The people having the best luck catching walleyes are using small single hooked spoons with a large fathead or small shiner minnow on setlines in a wheelhouse on the edges of the humps in Walker Bay. Pink, orange, red and white have been good colors for the finicky walleyes. Either Custom Jigs and Spins “Demon Jig” or Lindy’s “Frostee Jig” have been the spoons of choice in the 1/16th- 1/4th ounce sizes.

Those of you looking to catch the elusive Eelpout will want to up-size your baits and target these fish off of the sharp breaks up by Cedar Point in 24’- 30’ of water, around Templar Point in 28’-34’ of water, or off the southern edge of Breezy Point in the same depth ranges. Using big 1/4oz. to 1 1/2oz. glow spoons, such as the Big Nasty Tackle “Trout-N-Pout,” or glow jigs tipped with 1-2 fatheads or shiners have been the ticket in putting ‘pout on ice.

If you are going to be in the area and are looking to chase the Yellow Perch, you will want to stay mobile. These fish have not yet started to school up and feed heavily. Staying mobile via your truck or snowmobile is going to be your best bet. This past weekend, there were some nicer sized perch being caught out front of the Chase on the Lake Hotel in 15-20’ of water. If you are going to target these fish, look to these depth ranges during the day, and shallower (8-15’) during the low-light periods. People having the best luck catching these fish have been using small spoons without rattle chambers. Small spoons (1/32-1/8thoz) such as VMC’s “Tumbler Spoon” in perch or orange colors, Lindy’s “Frostee Jigging Spoon” in perch, pink, white, or orange colors and tipped with either a minnow head or wax worms, have been the best lures to put fish on the ice.

If you are up for the Eelpout Festival, fishing with friends and family, or just enjoying the Leech Lake Area, stop in at Reeds and we will get you geared up, draw you a map of the hot spots or just help make your visit more enjoyable. Good luck to all the anglers in the Eelpout Festival and everyone please be safe this weekend.


Trapper's Landing Lodge South Shore Ice and Fishing Report 02.23.18

Ice Report
Ice conditions remain good on our end of the lake with no cracks or heaves reported on the ice roads. Make sure you pack the auger extension if you are planning on coming up, as some spots are over 34” of ice. The roads will be cleared and open by this weekend. Off-road travel is good but be careful that you don’t get stuck in some of the large drifts from this past weeks snow. We have 8-10 inches of snow on our end of the lake with some drifts approaching 2 ft. We are expecting a measurable amount of snow Saturday evening. Please make sure you have a shovel with you if you are venturing off roads.

Fishing Report
As we head into the last week of the walleye season we have had some spotty reports coming in during the evening hours. Walleye can be found in 17-30 ft. of water near Rogers Point, Olson’s Reef and Diamond Point areas. Most anglers are getting their fish on the setlines with a large minnow. During the day if you can keep mobile and fish in 30+ ft. you will get a couple fish near Submarine Reef, Pelican Island, and Variety Reef areas. Keep moving and keep jigging during the day.
Perch have started to pick up this past weekend and the fishing generally starts to get better as we head into March. Look at some of the deeper sand holes in 18-23 ft. of water during the day and towards the lowlight, hours look in 6-10 ft. Some of the better areas to try right now are near Campbell’s Reef, Boy Bay, and Bungy Bay.
Panfish action on the smaller lakes has been good. Jack, Pine and Boy lakes have had some great sunfish and crappie action in the basins. Make sure you bring plenty of auger gas or an extra battery and drill lots of holes to get the most action. On these lakes, Euro larvae and waxies are a good bet on a tungsten jig.

Looking ahead
We are looking forward to the busy Eelpout weekend. The restaurant is open with some great specials, Thursday-Saturday. We will be busy plowing the new snowfall and will be open to all vehicle traffic by the weekend. Please call ahead to our ice road crew to request a plowed out spot. We still have some great last minute openings for lodging at the resort and we do have some last minute openings for some sleeper shacks. As always be safe on all your outdoor adventures and we hope to see you on the ice.