Fishing Report

Leech Lake Fishing Report Sponsored By Trapper's Landing Lodge & The Reeds Fishing Team



August is nowhere, and fishing is in its full summer swing. We have had a fairly warm last few weeks in July so it has pushed the water temps up in the high 70’s and low 80’s. Depending on the species of fish you are looking to catch there are always fish biting on Leech Lake.

Walleyes have been a bit spotty with the warmer water and recent weather conditions. Most of the fish right now are being caught pulling a spinner rig or a slow death rig tipped with a nightcrawler. Pulling a crankbait is working well too. The key right now is to cover water. Most fish are scattered on the main lake basins in 12-16 feet of water. Make sure you vary your speed and change your colors often until you find a good combination. Goose Flats, Snake Pit, Traders Bay, Meadows and Sand Point are all good spots to take a look at right now. Leadcore with a crankbait is also a good way to find fish too. Some of the deeper main lake basins in 20-25 feet of water are holding fish but you need to be able to get down to them. Paris Trench, Submarine Island, and Walker Bay are great areas to run Leadcore. If spinners and cranks aren't your thing, take a look in Walker Bay and try rigging a Leech, Crawler or big Minnow. Fish the shoreline breaks in 15-25 feet of water. There are quite a few fish on the humps in Walker Bay as well. 25-30 feet on Breezy Bar, Templer Point and mid-bay humps are great spots to look. Use your electronics to look for these fish on the humps and stay on the move. A few passes over the humps should let you know if the fish are there.

Muskie action continues to heat up. With the warm water, August is always a great time to chase a fish of a lifetime. We are seeing lots of fish on the main lake rock right now. Pelican  Island, Submarine Island, Pipe Island and Bear Island are all key areas to look. Also, don’t forget to fish both Portage Bay and Sucker Bay in the cabbage weeds. Weeds provide a lot of cover for baitfish right now so the muskies will not be far away.

Bass fishing on Leech is also very good. With the warm temps, bass have been very aggressive. Steamboat Bay and Boy Bay continue to be the hot spots for bass. Fish the heavy cover and rice right now with weedless spoons, spinnerbaits and Texas rigs. Smallmouth action has been good as well around Pipe Island, Diamond Point, and Pelican Island.

Make sure you stop in at Reeds in Walker or Trapper's Landing for any of your needs. Let the team mark a map and get you headed in the right direction. Have a great week and weekend on the water!


Happy Fishing!