Fishing Report

Leech Lake Fishing Report Sponsored By Trapper's Landing Lodge & The Reeds Fishing Team

Leech Lake Walker Bay Fishing Report 05.24.18

The weather has been nothing less than spectacular this last week on Leech Lake. Light to no wind with bluebird skies. It’s almost been a bit too nice for the walleye bite. The weather has made the walleye anglers work a bit harder for the fish out there. Although we have had a good bite going on Leech Lake.

When the weather gets flat and nice on Leech Lake there are a few things to keep in mind. Many of the fish are still shallow 6-10 ft of water. Try to get your jig or rig as far from the boat as you can. This will avoid spooking the fish and trigger more bites. Look for weeds and rocks. These areas give fish a place to hide and also usually have baitfish related to them as well. Pick your time of day. The lowlight hours the past week have proven to be a bit more productive. Early morning and later evenings have produced more fish. Watch the wind and fish with it. Leech Lake is a very wind-driven lake, so when the wind does finally come up start to work the wind-driven points. Water temps have been in the 54-60 range so we are not that far off of normal years. These temps should come up even a bit more with the forecasted weather to come.

Leech Lake is a big lake but here are a few areas to take a look at. Pine Point has had a good bite in 6-10 ft of water. Both Little Stony and Stony Point have also had plenty of fish caught off them. The narrows and into Grandview flats have also had lots of traffic. These fish have been scattered between 6-12 ft. Sucker Bay continues to produce fish around the Deadhead and 2nd and 3rd Duck Points. We are still seeing primarily a jig and minnow bite but we are fast approaching Lindy rigging with a leech or crawler. Some are already doing this and doing quite well. Walker Bay and Kabekona Bay are slowly warming up and starting to also produce fish.

Weather forecasts are looking good for a great Memorial Day Weekend. We wish everyone great fishing, safe boating or anything else you are doing over this holiday weekend. Make sure you stop in Reeds for any of your tackle or recreational needs. Have a great weekend!


Trapper's Landing Lodge South Shore Fishing Report 06.04.18

Fishing was good in the area this past weekend. The anglers willing to sit out in the rain and waves were able to find fish. Even with the cooler weather this past weekend the water temps are still in the low to mid 60’s, which is right on pace with prior years. This is a prime water temp right now for walleye across the lake and it looks like the best fishing is yet to come since we just had our first hatch of midges on the lake. With the smaller bugs hatching the walleye are starting to transition to preferring a leech or night crawler over minnows. This is the best time to look at the sand rock transitions in 12-15 ft of water near Bear Island, Pelican Island, Diamond Point and Hoger’s reef, and drift or troll lindy rigs over those areas.

A little float on the rig to help get it off the bottom helps. During the evening hours and windy conditions, slip bobber rigs with a leech in less than 10 ft is putting a lot of fish in the live well. Smallmouth Bass have been a great bonus right now for the high sun days. They are up on the shallow rocks near Diamond Point, Pipe Island, and Huddle’s reef. Casting tubes and plastic minnow imitations are catching the most fish. Remember catch and release with the big smallmouth, they are starting to show in good numbers on the lake.

Summer vacation is starting for many families right now and you can see the traffic in full swing in the area. Our hours in the Marina are from 7:00 AM- 8:00 PM, you can get your bait, rent boats and get gas plus we have a protected launch. The Merit Lakeside Dining & Cocktails has begun their summer hours, they are open 11:00 AM- close 7 days a week. We still have some great June openings right now to get a last minute fishing trip in while the fishing is good. Call us to make your reservations 218-836-2500. We hope to see you on the lake.