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Vexilar Fl-18 Head Only No Transducer FM1800

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Fl-18 Head Only No Transducer
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SKU 052762048004
Brand Vexilar
Style FM1800
Weight 2.000000
Season Winter
The FL-18 boasts features and performance previously not available on a three-color flasher depth finder/fish finder. The FL-18 offers a patented split screen flasher display. This allows you to zoom-in on the bottom six feet while watching the entire water column at the same time in real time! You will be amazed at the performance for bass fishing, walleye fishing, and pan fish on both open water and ice fishing. The bottom lock feature stays locked on the bottom even as the boat is bouncing up and down in big waves! The auto zoom mode is fantastic for watching perch or walleye while ice fishing. These fish commonly hold tight on the bottom and with a target ID of less than 1/2 inch the FL-18 makes them easy to spot! And that is not all, the FL-18 depth finder/fish finder is equipped with features like a built-in shallow water mode for fishing waters under 15 feet. Five depth scales down to 200 feet for the standard model and down to 300 feet for the custom deep model. Built-in interference rejection. A three color LED readout that tells you if the targets you see are weak (green) medium (orange) or strong (red). This three color led technology has proven to be the most reliable and accurate way of understanding where fish are holding. Transducer not included.
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