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Garmin 106 LVS-34 Livescope All Season Bundle

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Garmin 106 LVS-34 Livescope All Season Bundle

The Garmin EchoMap 106sv Ultra Ultimate All Season Bundle will get you the best of both seasons. Included is a 106sv Ultra No Transducer, Livescope + LVS-34 System, Summit Ice Pole and Tripod mount with telescopic portability, Fin Gear 5' Summer Pole with Rail Mount for your boat along with their Tech Shuttle paired with an Amped Outdoors 30Ah Battery and Charger. This bundle gets you the best of the best for on Ice as well as in your boat.

  • Included in Bundle
    • Garmin Echomap Ultra 106sv without Transducer - #010-02112-00
    • Garmin LiveScope Plus System with GLS10 and LVS34 - #010-02706-00
    • Amped 12V 30Ah Wide Lithium Battery - #AO4S30AHW
    • Amped 3AH Lithium Battery Charger - #3ACharger
    • Summit Fishing 24-60in Livescope LVS34 Mount Pole Handle - #37035
    • Summit Fishing Transducer Pole Ice Mount - #37226
    • Fin Gear Tech Shuttle Black - #FG-TS-B
    • Fin Gear 5ft Summer Pole with Mount Silver - #FG-5SP-S
    • Fin Gear Rail Clamp Adapter - #FG-RC
    • Reeds and Garmin Towel


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