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Buck Bomb

Buck Bomb Scrape Kit 200040

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Retail $9.99
Code: Spring10
Scrape Kit
More Information
Brand Buck Bomb
Style 200040
Weight 1.000000
Season Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Big Game, Deer
UPC/EAN 021291709892
The Buck Bomb Scrape Kit includes both the 2oz Scrape Generator scent as well as the 2oz Synthetic Forehead Gland, a deadly combination for attracting bucks throughout the rut. Forehead Gland imitates the scent that comes from the forehead of a buck when he makes a rub, while Scrape Generator utilizes both Doe `n Estrus and BucRut scent to create the situation of a hot doe and buck in the area.

This kit is perfect to use in mock scrapes to cause bucks to come claim their territory. Also includes 4 spike wicks to use with the scents.
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