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smooth and balanced

Reviewed by: jfm27
Date: November 29, 2014

I was looking for a carry gun that was relatively light, yet powerful. This one fits the bill. Would have liked a couple extra rounds in the mag, but, overall, it does the job. At the range it performed flawlessly. 200 rounds thru it so far, and no issues. I have used hollow points and fmjs. And, as is requirement for me, it fits in my hand like it was made to be there. In addition, it is well balanced whether there is ammo in the mag or empty. The magazines eject without a hitch and reload smoothly. This is my 2nd weapon that is of German extraction, and I have to say, I love their quality. As a bonus, I love the looks of the weapon as well. Just damn hard to beat. As it is a long term possession, I did not mind spending the extra bucks. Jim