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Clam Leechi 1 In Motor Oil 10910

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Leechi 1 in Motor Oil
More Information
Brand Clam
Style 10910
Weight 1.000000
Season Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Bass, Pan Fish, Walleye
UPC/EAN 719921109104
The Leechi is a mini 1" leech imitator. Lifelike and natural, it looks just like the real deal. Perch, Bluegills, Crappie & Trout love tasty leeches. Thread it, nip it or wacky rig it. The Maki super soft hand pour swims naturally and undulates like a real leech. Panfish love to gorge insects at times but they also like real meat like a scrumptious leech.


Includes eight pieces per bag
Lifelike leech imitator
Incredible action that can’t be stopped
Thread it, nip it or wacky rig it
Bite triggering leech action
Super-soft hand pour bait
Injected with "Maki" Juice
Available in eight different colors
1" length
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