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Frabill Dual Output High Capacity Aerator 14212

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FRABILL Dual Output High Capacity Aerator 14212

Aqua-Life Products run so quietly you`ll forget you are aerating your bait. You`ll know you are by the healthy condition of your bait. Aqua-Life products feature a whisper quiet motor that runs efficiently at a low volume. Aqua-Life products also utilize a special micro-bubble oxygen diffuser that produces clouds of tiny bubbles. Smaller more numerous bubbles mix readily as they collide and dispense through the entire water column. In bait containers smaller bubbles are important as they are less prone to damage delicate baitfish. Each Aqua-Life product includes the diffuser and a 30 inch non-kink air hose. (Hoses and stones also sold separately as an accessory.)
Frabill Aqua Life Aerator Dual output 110V for 100 Gallons
Dual pumps-aerates 1 or 2 livewells (Up to 100 gallons)
Produces close to 100% saturation of dissolved oxygen
Rubber marking feet
UL approved
6` power cord
Includes: 10ft of flexible air hose, 2 each 3`` long air stones, t-connector, 2 anti-siphon valves

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SKU 082271214218
Brand Frabill
Style 14212
Condition New
Season Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall