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Extreme Max Spike Anchor 14Lbs 3006.6642

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EXTREME MAX Spike Anchor 14Lbs 3006.6642

If you are looking for an anchor that works, there is no need to look any further! Equipped with five sturdy spear-like flukes, the spike anchor bites hard into the lakebed or river bottom, holding you and your boat exactly where you want to be. From sand and rocks to mud and weeds, this anchor is specifically designed to accommodate diverse bottoms and water conditions like no other. A unique release bar assures that reclaiming the anchor is never an issue.

Offers high performance in diverse lakebeds and river bottoms
Effective in sand, rocks, mud, weeds, currents and more
Unique release bar makes reclaiming the anchor easy
Vinyl-coated for protection and longevity
14 lb. (boats up to 18`)

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BrandExtreme Max
SeasonSpring, Summer
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