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Drifter Tackle

Drifter Tackle Hell Hound Custom HH-100 Black

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Retail $16.99
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SKU 688877080006
Brand Drifter Tackle
Style HH-100
Color Black
Weight 1.000000
Season Spring, Summer, Fall, Bass, Muskie, Walleye
This is not your traditional Hell Hound Glide Bait! This is a Vertical Jig! Cast out and allow the bait to fall to bottom. With the repositioned line attachment located on the "top of the head," you simply raise your rod tip quickly to make the Vertical Hell Hound dart wildly up, off of the bottom. Allow the Lures uniques design to do the rest. As the lure falls, the additional head weight forces the nose down, and allows the blade on the back to create magic. As the Vertical Hell Hound angles nose down and drifts to the bottom, the pivoting, deep cut Aspen blade on the back flutters to life creating visable action and a strong vibration that Muskies can not resist.

This new design is created by Ty Sennett, and he believes that this is "hands down" the best vertical jigging presentation available. What an amazing twist on an already proven lure. Add the Vertical Hell Hound to your arsenal if you want to dominate in vertical jigging presentations.

Size: 6?

Weight: 3.88 oz.
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