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Use and scope of the Bonus Gift Cards and Pre-Orders at the Fall Classic: 
BONUS GIFT CARDS.  A Bonus Gift Card is only awarded on a new cash or credit card sale.  Bonus Gift Cards will not be issued when a Gift Card is part of the payment. Bonus Gift Cards earned from online purchases at ReedsSports.com and for purchases made in-store at our Onamia location will be emailed to customers starting on August 31st, after the sale ends. Customers may use the Bonus Gift Card right after they receive it, but purchases made with a Bonus Gift Card or standard Gift Card do not earn more Bonus Gift Cards (even if the gift card is only part of the payment).

  PURCHASE LIMITS.  Limits apply to the amounts of Bonus Gift Cards and Pre-Orders that can be received per person during the entire 10-day sale. (Limit amounts apply to the entire 10-day sale as a single time period; the limit amounts are not per day, they are for ​the entire 10 days).  

Limits include: 
100 boxes of ammo
100 guns

PRE-ORDERS. Pre-Orders are only available for purchases of $500.00 or more and pre-ordering ends at 5:30pm CT on Wednesday, August 18.  No Pre-Orders are available after that time.  Many items are not available for pre-order due to low stock levels and pre-assigned sales, so call us at 800-346-0019 to determine if you can pre-order your chosen items.  Some available items have limitations on how many may be pre-ordered as well. 

OTHER TERMS.  Other terms apply to Pre-orders and Bonus Gift Cards, so see store manager for details.  Manipulation of the intent of the Pre-orders and Bonus Gift Card rules to extend beyond the limits and intent of the savings for all customers will cause termination of the offer to sell to any offending customer, as determined by management's sole subjective discretion.  Rules are subject to change.