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Lake Insight Pro 2013 HDS/Elite Series Compatible – $99.99

Lake Insight Pro 2013 Endura Handheld Compatible - $79.99.
Price $ 99.99



650 U.S. lakes with high-resolution 1- to 3- depth contours. Plus, new compatibility with Elite and Mark 4- and 5- series.

One card for HDS®, HDS Gen2, Elite and Mark 4- and 5- series with superb content, detail and coverage of continental U.S. inland waters, without shaded relief overlay – all at a more affordable price

Fishing Hot Spots® detail for over 500 popular lakes featuring marked fishing areas, helpful fishery and facilities information, and more.

New, high-resolution 1-to 3-foot depth contours on more than 650 lakes in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin – plus Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake.

Detailed contour lines and high-resolution coverage of more than 5,000 U.S. Lakes, plus rivers and Great lakes.

More than 100,000 named bodies of water with shoreline detail.

Coverage Info
Lake Insight HD and PRO 2012 coverage map - includes coast to coast US lakes, plus 650 lakes with high-res 1-3 foot contours in light blue shaded area.