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LEUPOLD RCX-2 Trail Camera System Kit - 112202
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Price $ 329.99


The new RCX Trail Camera System, with exclusive USB Controller/Viewer, could not be easier to use. No more guessing on alignment, counting blinking lights or scrolling through confusing mode options. The integrated RCX Trail Camera System is ready out of the box or customize it to your needs. You are in control.

SYSTEM KIT Includes one RCX-2 camera, one USB Controller/Viewer, 12-volt cable, Lock-Down Security Plate and screws, car adapter, home adapter, USB cable, AA battery pack cartridge tray (batteries not included), Lithium-Ion battery for Controller/Viewer, six hex standoffs for mounting, and mounting strap.

The new ruggedly durable RCX Trail Cameras are packed full of features. The silent digital shutter will impress you when it takes vibrant images with XD image quality in the blink of an eye. But it's the time-saving extra long battery life, standard SDHC compatibility and instant recovery that will win your heart.

  • Megapixels: 10
  • Camera Lens Angle: 54*
  • PIR: Dual PIR 10*/45*
  • Maximum Trigger Range: 45ft/90ft depending on setting
  • Infrared LEDs: 48 at 10* setting/36 at 45* setting (48 in dual)
  • Video/Audio: Video/Audio
  • Trigger Speed: Less than one second
  • Lock-Down Security Plate: Included


    Standard SDHC Compatible

    The RCX can use up to a 32GB SDHC card, setting a new standard for SD camera systems.

    Extra Long Battery Life
    The RCX cameras will operate continuously for months using eight AA Lithium batteries.

    Safe & Secure
    A specially designed Lock-Down Security Plate (included with the RCX-2) provides for rock-solid mounting as well as protection from theft or vandalism.

    “Blink-of-an-eye” Speed
    The RCX offers a lightning fast, less than one second trigger speed.

    Rugged Durability
    The RCD camera frame is constructed of a durable, high-impact ABS/polycarbonate blend shell for maximum strength and protection for the internal elements.

    Instant Recovery
    Many trail cameras take up to 15 seconds to recover and be ready to take another picture. From complete rest, the RCX takes just a compule of seconds to snap back into action.