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MR WALLEYE MWS96TR 9'6" Telescoping Trolling Rod
Price $ 94.99


Specially designed for lead core trolling. A great rod action for board trolling and straight lead line trolling. If you want to catch Walleye and other fish consistently pick up a set of our entire lead core trolling rods. Use with your favorite bait cast or line counter reels. Ideal for use with 18lb. lead line. Always tie on a 10-30’ monofilament leader. Tying the leader to the lead line is very important. Strip out 2” of the lead line. Remove the lead leaving the 2” of braided hollow outer line. Stick the end of your mono leader into where the lead woas, do two overhand knots and tighten them ver the lead line. This is the very best way we've seen to tie a leader to the lead line. Rod telescopes to fit in rod storage lockers.
  • 9’6”
  • Telescopic Trolling
  • Lead core
  • ½-1oz.
  • 10-20lb. lines