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MR WALLEYE MWS86MCT 8'6" Telescopic Trolling Rod, Medium Action
Price $ 84.99


A consistent sell-out. Lighter trolling rod designed for smaller planer boards with spinners and crank baits, either shallow or deep. Ideal with ½-1oz. bottom bouncers. Specialized action for light biters. Attach the sinker 10’ ahead of the crank bait or crawler harness. If trolling 30’ of water for suspended fish let out 45’ of line to the sinker. In deeper water, adjust accordingly in front of the harness to the deeper fish. If fish are up higher, adjust to lessen the weight. Watch your sonar to see where the fish are.
  • 8’6” Telescopic Trolling
  • Medium Action
  • #1 Seller
  • Planers, Dipsy’s, Lead core
  • 3/8-1oz.
  • 8-14lb. lines