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Cuddeback Attack IR Game Camera
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Cuddeback Attack IR Game Camera
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Infrared images like you've never seen before, with stunning clarity!

Finally, IR images worth looking at!
Until now, if you chose an infrared scouting camera to avoid "flashing" deer, you had to accept compromised image quality. Infrared images were not only black-and-white but they were low resolution and improperly exposed. The new Attack IR changes that!

Crisp, clear images that don't wash out!
Attack IR takes 5 MP images both day and night. The IR images are stunningly clear. And, Attack IR uses 36 high-power IR LEDs for a true 60-foot flash range. The Rapid Pulse Illumination Technology™ minimizes IR LED glow by pulsing LEDs for just ¼ second. Cuddeback's exclusive Adaptive IR Image Enhancement Technology™ assures IR images are correctly exposed regardless to how far the deer are from the camera.

ULTRA HAIR TRIGGER™ SPEED At 1/4 second, Attack's Ultra Hair Trigger Speed is fast enough to catch a deer running over 20 feet per second!

CENTERED SUBJECT TECHNOLOGY™ Combines fast animal with fast trigger speed to assure you'll get more deer centered in the image!

VIDEO PLUS™ Attack IR takes high quality 30-second videos both day and night—plus you get a still image

SMARTCOLOR IMAGE TECHNOLOGY™ During the day, Attack IR takes color images which feature Cuddeback's SmartColor Image Technology.

GENIUS MOUNT SYSTEM™ It's never been easier to mount your Cuddeback.

NO CARD MODE Forget or lose your SD card? Attack IR will still take images.

FULL SEASON BATTERY LIFE™ Attack IR can take over 50,000 images on a set of batteries!

GUARD DUTY™ TIME LAPSE MODE Guard Duty™ automatically takes a photo every 12 seconds during daylight hours so you can monitor a stand site or field for activity.

SUPER SIMPLE SETUP™ A rotary knob, two buttons, and a switch operate everything!

USB DOWNLOADS Copy images on the spot from SD card to flash drive.

BEYOND MOON PHASE™ Get precise moon and sun information with Trophy Room.

TEST MODE Make sure your Attack IR is properly aimed with Test Mode.