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FISH TRAP® Original Flip-Over Shelters

FISH TRAP® <em>Original Flip-Over Shelters</em>

A key advantage engineered into the original Fish Traps: they’re light enough to pull by hand. This is crucial when ice is not thick enough to support the use of motorized transport, or any time you simply choose to walk.

Combo use: with the addition of Runners (‘wear strips’), these lightweight Fish Traps become light duty towables, too. We have towed them, very successfully, for many years.

Original blue Fish Traps, the invention that started the modern ice fishing revolution, remain the ultimate for true mobility and comfort. When you’re in the mood to take it to the fish, there’s no better partner than a low profile, lightweight Fish Trap.

Every detail is intended to keep you on the hunt until you score. By design, every ounce of extra weight has been eliminated. The sled, instant setup frame and Ice Armor fabric are as heavy duty as the real world demands, but these shelters are intended to rarely sit in one place… unless the fish are biting.

“We could make ‘em heavier” says Genz, “but that’s not the idea. They’re built to be the ultimate in mobility, plain and simple.”

Another secret to the Fish Trap Scout, Pro and Guide: they are intentionally low-profile designs. This makes a huge difference on a windy day, and it makes it toasty inside, with just a small heater.

“Most people can’t stand up inside,” says Genz, “but it’s that way on purpose. You sit down to fish, and the elements are outside where they belong.”

If the fish aren’t cooperating, with a flip of the wrist you’re off to the next spot.

All three of these models (Scout, Pro, Guide) are intentionally low-profile and lightweight. If you walk out to your spots, these are the ultimate shelters for you.

With the addition of optional Runners (‘wear strips’ secured to the bottom of the sled), any of these Traps can be pulled behind ATVs, snowmobiles– or even throw the rope over your vehicle’s trailer ball and drag the shelter short distances at reasonable speeds. (For towing, a rigid Tow Hitch, also available as an accessory, is the ultimate.)

As with all Fish Traps, optional Travel Covers are a great idea. They keep your gear securely inside on the trip to and from the lake, and any time you are making a ‘big move’ on the ice. Also, Travel Covers are an asset for off-season storage.

To help you understand where the Yukon and Voyager fit into the Fish Trap lineup, consider not only how many adults can fish with you, but also whether it’s important to be able to stand up inside your shelter.

The Scout, Pro and Guide are intentionally low profile. Most people can stand up inside either the Yukon or Voyager. Center height in a Yukon is 70 inches, and you get a full 75 inches of ceiling in the Voyager.

Many anglers looking for a two-person shelter might find their ultimate choice in the slightly bigger, slightly taller, slightly beefier Yukon.

If you’re looking for a Fish Trap to house three adults, take a hard look at Voyager.

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