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Learn About Floating Ice Fishing Suits

Floating Ice Fishing Suits

A floating ice fishing suit would be ideal for winter sportsmen concerned with falling into frozen water bodies while fishing. However, with the advances in thermal technology, many manufacturers offer the next best thing. Under Armour manufactures thermal undergarments for sportsmen and athletes who perform in cold weather environments. Furthermore, Under Armour apparel can also help prevent hypothermia in the case of contact with frozen waters. StrikeMaster also manufacturers a number of apparel options for men, women and children that are designed to keep you body heat in and keep the cold out.

Floating Ice Suits and Cold-Weather Clothing From Reeds

At Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products in the business. We have apparel and footwear options that are easy to find on our site. We have everything you could need from StrikeMaster snow suits to StrikeMaster augers, so shop today! Call 1 (800) 346-0019 or send an email to for information on products or shipping. With higher prices floating around on the Internet, why shop anywhere else?

Choosing the Right Apparel: Floating Ice Suits to Boots

Keeping your extremities warm is a primary concern when ice fishing. So, when you buy your snow suit or parka, be sure to also invest in a great pair of boots and gloves. Typically, you'll want to spend at least $100 on a nice, sturdy pair of boots. Footwear is your first line of defense against the cold while you're fishing, so it pays to invest here. Likewise, your gloves should fit well without being tight or slipping while using your auger. They should also include an inner removable layer for adjustment as your body warms and cools.