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Learn More About ClamŽ Ice Fishing Houses and Cabin-Style Ice Shelters

The ClamŽ Ice Fishing Houses and Cabin-Style Ice Shelters

You can choose from models of Clam fish houses with weatherproof floors or without floors at all. What you buy all depends on your activities. For example, for setting up a central post for meeting and excursion launching, the Clam Command Post houses are ideal. These shelters don't have floors, but they set up in seconds as meeting areas for groups or anglers who are covering a large area.

For families, the Clam Cabin-Style ice shelter may be a better fit. This hut can comfortably fit four adults and a few power augers in its six-by-eight frame and includes a weatherproof floor and shielding Ice Armor to provide a room-temperature environment. Based in Minnesota, the Clam Corporation sells fish houses in a number of configurations. You can choose from:

  • Ice fishing shelters
  • Flip-over shelters
  • Cabin-style shelters
  • Accessories like runners, travel covers and hitches

How Clam Fish Houses Began

This company got its start when the founder, Dave Genz, decided to have an ice fishing party in -44-degree weather. He and his wife started sewing fishing shelters and eventually merged with Clam Corp. to create some of the world's most sought-after shelters in the industry. The bright blue fabric of these recognizable fish houses is the trademark of quality that Clam strives for with every product. If you want to purchase fish huts or other equipment from Clam, all you have to do is log on to Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters online.

We offer a number of professional-grade ice shelters for ice fishing enthusiasts. These huts come in all shapes and sizes for a variety of needs. Call 1 (800) 346-0019 or send an email to for information on power augers, ice shelters or other equipment.