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For generations, fishing guides handed down their homemade recipe for fish batter. It became known as the Old Guide's Secret™, synonomous with the flavor of the northwoods. In the early 1980s Sportsman's Recipes™, Inc. acquired this recipe and the Old Guide's Secret™ debuted as Shore Lunch® brand. Already a favorite with fishermen, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts, our Original Recipe breading quickly became a favorite with discerning consumers. Today, our diverse range of products will show you why Shore Lunch® is Where the Journey to Outdoor Flavor Begins™.

Shore Lunch® Breading/Batter Mixes are available in seven delicious, easy to prepare flavors. Also try our new Miracle Fry® Seasoned Fish Breading.
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Shore Lunch Breading/Batter Mix
$ 2.99