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Mr. Walleye® Series Rods Show: Thumbnails or Links

Mr. Walleye® Series Rods
Each rod action personally designed by Gary Roach, “Mr. Walleye®”. Each rod is designed to perform flawlessly for every technique specified. Check out our action/technique recommended action descriptions.

  • 100% Graphite blank
    100% carbon fiber graphite prepreg cloth. Each model utilizes its own special mandrel for rolling the blank. Maintaining a custom mandrel for each blank is a bit more costly, but each of our rods is individually unique in its action; exactly the way Gary designed it.

  • Contoured all-natural 1” OD cork handles and fore grips
    1″ diameter natural cork handles, provides better feel of the rod. Grade A quality cork provides greater durability and extended product life.
  • Lightweight stainless steel guides with Stainless Steel rings
    Stainless ring bound inside a stainless frame allows the use of all types of line, while maintaining the light weight needed for proper rod balance.

  • Tapered rear handle with rubber butt cap
    1-1/16″ diameter soft rubber rounded butt cap. Extra durable construction provides extra protection to the handle but. Fits easily into rod holders, and does not impede your ability to remove the rod quickly.
  • Tapered fore grip with composition cork tip
    Contoured for an easy grip. Special bulged fore grip shape matches the contour of your palm and fingers for greater comfort and rod control.
  • Fixed hook keepers
    Hook keeper is in the proper alignment with the guide train, and fixed, so it does not flop around and cause unintended noise and vibration when jigging or casting.
  • Tapered reel seats with “soft-touch” exterior
    Comfortable to hold, palm remained on the cork handle, and fingers are not in contact with the hard plastic threads, or a hood. Fore grips screw down to lock the reel in place and provide smoother gripping surface.
  • Ferrule-less 2-piece designs
    Provides one piece feel and performance
  • Non-Slide blank capture feature on all telescopic models
    Keeps blank from sliding when rod is in collapsed position.
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    MR WALLEYE MWS661MLS 6'6" Spinning Rod, Medium Light
    $ 69.99
    MR WALLEYE MWS662MS 6'6" 2pc Spinning Rod, Medium Action
    $ 69.99
    MR WALLEYE MWS701ULS 7'0" Spinning Rod, Ultra Light
    $ 74.99
    MR WALLEYE MWS701MLS 7'0" Spinning Rod, Medium Light
    $ 74.99
    MR WALLEYE MWS86MCT 8'6" Telescopic Trolling Rod, Medium Action
    $ 84.99
    MR WALLEYE MWS96TR 9'6" Telescoping Trolling Rod
    $ 94.99
    MR WALLEYE MWS664MP 6'6" Pack / Fly-In Rod, Medium Action
    $ 64.99