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Ice Armor™ by CLAM

<strong>Ice Armor™</strong> <em>by CLAM</em>
IceArmor Suits
Designed with features for the ice angler to benefit from, the only thing that separates these two suits is the gray suit is fully insulated and the blue suit is not. Battle any weather conditions with IceArmor, "Warm, Dry and Comfortable Outerwear.

IceArmor Gloves & Mitts
The first thing to get cold on any cold weather adventure is your hands. IceArmor has a wide selection of products to keep your hands warm, dry and comfortable for both men and women. Check them out to see which model fits your needs.

IceArmor Onyx & Arctic Footwear
Cold, wet feet will ruin a trip in a heartbeat. High quality lightweight, waterproof & warm boots are tough to find. IceArmor has done it again by having all of that and then some with its Onyx Boots for men and Arctic boots for women's/youth.
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