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Ruger Single Shot Rifles

Ruger Single Shot Rifles

Single Shot rifles are the favorite of the true rifle aficionado. They demand that the shooter be patient, careful, and accurate. Ruger has offered its Ruger No.1 single shot rifle since 1967, and it is the premier production single shot rifle of its type, of course made in America. When the shooter only has one shot, it must count, and the Ruger #1 rifle provides a strong, accurate, dependable rifle for precision shooting.

There is a Ruger single shot rifle for virtually every sporting activity, in calibers from .204 Ruger to the powerful .458 Lott.

The Ruger No. 1 rifle is an under-lever operated falling block single shot rifle. Its artillery-style breechblock is lowered by operating the under lever, exposing the firing chamber. A single cartridge is inserted into the firing chamber, the lever is closed, and the rifle is ready to fire at a selected target. A convenient sliding tang safety is instantly visible and readily accessible.

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